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The summer season begins for the Human Company openair destinations

Over 20 million euros invested in services and accommodation, ever-stronger ties with the local culture and continuous digital evolution

The summer season takes off for Human Company's destinations with the reopening of the hu open air villages, the Group brand that bring you close to the ecosystems of its ten open-air facilities in Italy and Europe, and of Palagina, the hotel and farmhouse in the heart of Chianti.

From 20 April, guests are being welcomed once more, not only in the camping in town sites and at Fabulous Village, open all year round, but also in the remaining 6 villages of the Group, from Veneto to Tuscany and Lazio, as well as in Luxembourg. The 2023 season promises to continue the positive trend of last year, with a forecast 4% increase in attendance, compared to 2022. Growing public awareness about the quality of open-air holidays - increasingly mainstream for both Italians and foreign tourists - has led to this form of holiday assuming ever-greater importance in the travelling landscape. Latest figures for Human Company show a record summer predicted by Osservatorio del turismo outdoor (56.6 million attendances expected for summer 2023, more than 2% greater than in 2022). Of course, in addition to growing interest in this type of holiday, Human Company is also reaping the benefits and enjoying excellent forecasts thanks to the commercial decision it took to bring forward the opening of sales to last July. This move made it possible to intercept early planners, as well as its most loyal Italian customers.

As concerns investment, Human Company spent around 21 million euros in improving services and, more generally, infrastructure, with a view to offering an increasingly complete travel experience, with every single detail taken care of. Among its main interventions was the renovation of the accommodation park, through the installation of new mobile homes, an investment of over 11 million euros, using the very latest design, built with attention to sustainability in the choice of materials, all in the context of developing a technological project aimed at reducing consumption. As regards services, these include new swimming pools, new children's playgrounds and sports facilities, upgrading of the reception areas and the food&beverage outlets.Last, but not least, was the planting of 1200 trees, which confirm both the vocation and the commitment of the Group when it comes to care and attention for green areas.

The 2022 season saw the launch of hu openair, the brand that narrates the ecosystem of Human Company's open-air structures in an entirely novel way, offering made-to-measure, authentic and connected stay experiences, in harmony with the local culture. 2023 will see an even broader offer of activities, events and excursions, both for guests of the villages and for camping in town.

In fact, we have developed a new and even richer programme, designed for the different age groups of our guests in the structures; the involvement of the most important local businesses in the area is fundamental, allowing guests to discover local traditions and really get to learn about the territories they are visiting. Concrete examples of this are the new artisan workshops, dedicated to medicinal herbs and fresh pasta from the Veneto region or to pencils in Tuscany; the orientation course and the colour scheme are also new. Finally, there are many thematic days, such as spring and wine days, when the structures are also open to non-resident tourists and local residents.

Significant investment has also been put into the food&beverage offering, where we are working in close collaboration with the best partners in the local area with a view to consistently ensuring the highest quality, expanding the variety of products offered and promoting Italian cuisine, Considerable amounts have also been spent on ever-improved organisational processes, thereby also improving the guest experience. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these has been the development of our Central Booking Office, which accompanies the customer throughout their entire journey, from the holiday planning stage, through the booking process, right up to the stay itself. Plus, to provide visitors with the best possible level of assistance, a new professional role was recently introduced, the guest relations manager, a contact point for guests and an important support figure, ready to answer any questions or issues arising during the course of a stay. At the digital level, too, the Group's strong evolution and firm commitment continue apace: among the many initiatives, the web app is increasingly a go-to reference for guests, enabling them to find all hu open air structure's services, information and offers, with a simple click.

We are very happy with the trend in bookings for the current season, with numbers even greater than for the 2022 season. Travellers who choose the Group's facilities will find many new features, both in terms of content and offerings and in terms of development and new services; over 20 million invested to strengthen the mobile home fleet and to further increase the quality of our facilities, so as to constantly improve the guests' stay experience," declared Domenico Montano, General Manager of Human Company. "During their holidays, people entrust us with a very precious asset, namely their time. We become its custodians and our commitment and our mission is to ensure that it is of high-quality".

The hu open air structures, which are open for business from 20 April, are perfect for any type of holiday: beach-goers, for example, can choose the hu Park Albatros village, located on the Tuscan coast in the shade of a vast and ancient pine forest, surrounded by famous archaeological sites and the beautiful beaches of the Etruscan coast. Those who prefer the hills, on the other hand, have the choice of four different structures: hu Montescudaio village, on the outskirts of a Val di Cecina village classed as one of the most beautiful in Italy; the hu I Pini village just outside Rome, in the splendid setting of the Fiano Romano countryside; the hu Birkelt village, the Group's first open-air structure abroad, located in the eastern part of Luxembourg against a backdrop of woods, timeless castles and a fairy-tale waterfall; lastly, hu Norcenni Girasole village, immersed in the woods of the Valdarno and the Chianti hills, an ideal base for setting out to discover a hidden Tuscany, as well as being the first and only village to host ANTS (acronym for Activity, Nature, Training, Sense). This exclusive training method offers a guided approach to psychophysical well-being and reconnection with oneself and with nature through fun outdoor activities and experiences. Lake lovers, on the other hand, will appreciate hu Altomincio village , deep in the countryside, just a few kilometres from Lake Garda.

Finally, for those whose dream holiday is discovering the artistic beauties of the most important Italian cities and, at the same time, enjoying the relaxation of an outdoor holiday, hu open air offers four facilities open all year round: in addition to the Fabulous Village, at the crossroads between the city of Rome and the Lazio coast, what better than the urban campsites at the gates of three of the world's most famous cities of art? These are hu Florence Camping in Town, where you can not only discover this Renaissance city but also to explore the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, hu Rome Camping in Town, perfect for visiting the Eternal City and the Lazio hinterland and hu Venice Camping in Town, only a few kilometres from the most romantic city in the world.

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