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The Human Company offer is based on fundamental values ​​such as innovation, quality, sustainability, familiarity and relevance of the territory. You can find all these values in our villages, city campsites, hostels and country resorts


The Group's desire to invest again in Italy, focusing on the enhancement of the environmental and social context and on the respect for the heritage and for the natural and landscape resources of the area, is the motivation behind new projects.
Each Village will have its own unique character, able to embrace not only the strong identity of the surrounding area, but also the exclusive experiences offered.
In this light, the Group's development plans are ambitious and focused on highly innovative projects: two new villages in Veneto, the largest in Europe located in Eraclea and the project for the conversion of an Enel thermoelectric power plant into a tourist resort in Porto Tolle, as well as the Sport Village project in Cavriglia, in the heart of Tuscany, a unique project in Italy linked to sports tourism and the acquisition of the Montescudaio Village, a facility on the Tuscan Coast.

Eraclea Village

With a total area of 250 hectars, Valle Ossi is an exceptional location of natural value. It can benefit from a strategic and privileged location: surrounded by the Laguna del Mort, River Piave estuary and the Eraclea Mare litorale, the area is the perfect location for the development of a tourism reality.
The ambitious project presented by Human Company proposes the realisation of two distinct areas: the tourist-receptive area, designated to the realisation of an Open Air Village on a total surface of 95 hectares, and the naturalistic area, dedicated to the rural tourist and territorial park of Valle Ossi, whose main peculiarity will be to maintain the landscape features of the reclamation and to enhance the pinewood, the Laguna del Mort and the area of the natural rural park.
With an overall extension of 95 hectares, the Open Air Village will represent the heart of the project. The Village will have a 5-star classification and will mainly aim to recover the existing building heritage, historical and cultural testimony of the area.
The area dedicated to hospitality will include an allocation of about 3100 pitches, mainly for mobile homes. Citizens of Eraclea and tourists will have at their disposal a series of facilities included into the village, for a more complete offer and an extraordinary unique experience.
An entire area will be dedicated to the dispersed hotel with dedicated facilities.

Inside the Village, guests will have at their disposal a series of free facilities, including a system of multifunctional sports facilities and a huge water park of swimming pools and lagoons, able to meet the expectations of any type of tourist.
Approximately 150 hectares of the total area will be dedicated to the Valle Ossi rural and territorial tourist park. The area will maintain the characteristics of the reclamation landscape for the enhancement of the pine forest and the Laguna del Mort.
The 2 km pristine beach will make the tourist stay even more unforgettable.
The Village mobility will be 100% green: a system of public or affiliated cycle paths of about 10 kilometers will allow access to the common property of the beach, the Laguna del Mort, the pine forest and the River Piave estuary.
The eco-friendly footprint will also be visible in the presence of shuttles and trains, exclusively electric, for moving within the Village.

    Eraclea in numbers:

  • • 250 Hectars total area
  • • 94 Hectars of Open Air Village
  • • 3.100 pitches designated for camper and mobile homes
  • • Up to 14.000 visitors per day

Porto Tolle Village

DELTAFARM Project originates from the Futur-E program promoted by Enel. The program aims to convert 23 Italian thermoelectric power plants into innovative and eco sustainable places.
Based on the circular economy model, the transformation of the site will provide a new opportunity for the local community: science, art, culture, tourism, research centre and new industrial activities will be developed and promoted.
With an extension of 380 Hectars, the industrial site is located in a unique environmental context. Delta del Po area - appointed as UNESCO heritage - is a biosphere reserve of exceptional importance for biodiversity of the flora and fauna ecosystem.
The conversion of the site will see the development of an innovative Open Air Village, a water sport centre and a research centre.
The Open Air Village will rise on a total surface of 117 hectares and it will be an ideal location for those who want to live an experience able to combine the natural beauty of the area with a wide offer of complementary facilities.
The sports centre will be a reference point for water sports and for various activities. Thanks to multifunction sports areas, it will be possible to practice different types of activities, such as tennis, soccer, surfing, swimming and rowing.

    Porto Tolle in numbers:

  • • 380 Hectars total area
  • • 117 Hectars of Open Air Village
  • • 2.200 pitches designated for camper and mobile homes 20 hectares of wooded area
  • • Up to 8.000 visitors per day

Cavriglia Sport Village

In the heart of Tuscany will arise the Sport Village, an Open Air Village entirely dedicated to professional and non-professional sport, and to maintaining the state of psycho-physical well-being of people. All this through the creation of extraordinary synergies with the surrounding territorial context.
The project area will have a total extension of 152 hectares and will be divided into two main zones, both focused on sports and physical activity: a tourist area and an area dedicated to professional sports.
The tourist area will have as main protagonist the Open Air Village. The village will be the reference point for the professional sports facilities’ visitors thanks to a complete range of services.
The Sport Village offer will be extremely wide and designed to create a constant interaction between the guest and the surrounding area.
In order to ensure optimal use of the sports facilities, these will be located in different areas of the Sport Village: an area entirely dedicated to high sport specialization - professional type - and an area adjacent to the Open Air Village, divided into water park and a space for free-use sports.
Guests will also have the opportunity to use a nine-hole golf course and illuminated cycling circuits immersed in the surrounding natural area.
The visitor who wishes to practice competitive sports will have at his disposal a six-lane indoor pool, an outdoor Olympic-size pool, a soccer / rugby field, tennis courts, 4 basketball courts, a 110- metres athletic track, an area dedicated to the long jump and a multipurpose Sport Arena. The tourist will also find a centre for sport research, orientation and medicine.
The tourist will also have paddle, tennis, beach volley / tennis courts, a skate park, a bike centre and outdoor training areas.
These services will be free and used for pure recreational pleasure.

    Cavriglia Sport Village in numbers:

  • • 116 hectars total area
  • • 26 hectars of Open Air Village
  • • 40 hectars dedicated to sport activities
  • • 1.200 pitches designated for mobile homes
  • • Up to 6.000 visitors per day