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The Human Company offer is based on fundamental values ​​such as innovation, quality, sustainability, familiarity and relevance of the territory. You can find all these values in our villages or hostels, city campsites or chic country resorts

Key Facts

Forecast al 31-12-2022

The Human Company group, which has ten open-air facilities between Villages and Campsites in town, nine of which are in Italy and one in Luxembourg, estimates closing 2022 with revenues of 127 million euro, up 46% on 2021 and 14% on 2019, and EBITDA at 32 million euro, up 33% on 2021 and 3% on 2019. Attendances also returned to pre-Covid levels, which stood at just over 4 million.

800 mila

attendance of Hostel/Hotel

2,2 milioni

attendance at villages

400 mila

attendance of Human Travel's mobile home

900 mila

attendance at camping in town

4 million

in Group structures

Employment 2019

In 2018, the Group involved approximately 1,800 employees, of which 68% were under the age of 38. Employees’ average age is 33 years old.