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PLUS Hostel & Hotel


Hostel 2.0: conviviality, pool parties, relaxation in the sauna, free Wi-Fi. All the spirit and atmosphere of a hostel, with the facilities of a hotel. Very close to city centres, our Plus Hostels & Hotels are strategically located to facilitate both the visit of the cultural and historic part of a city, and to enjoy the nightlife and art.

A stone's throw from Plus Hostels & Hotels, visitors can discover museums, exhibitions, events, local restaurants , rooftop bars and fully enjoy the hospitality of local residents. Moreover, indoors, visitors can enjoy many comforts and meeting points, such as swimming pools or restaurants and open space bars.

Plus Hostels & Hotels, perfect for lone backpackers, group holidays with friends or weekend getaways for couples, are suitable for all travel needs and requirements, in line with urban lifestyle trends of major European cities.

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They are located in Italy and Czech Republic

  • Plus Florence, Florence
Czech Republic
  • Plus Prague, Prague

Plus Florence, Florence - Italy

Plus Prague, Prague - Czech Republic

Plus Florence - Pool Area, Florence - Italy

Plus Florence - Relax Area, Florence - Italy

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Total number of beds in Florence


Number of hotel beds in Prague


Number of hotel beds in Florence