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From 21st December, hu openair is back on the air with the second wave of the "We miss you, we miss hu" campaign

The heart of the communication campaign is the advert set to the tune of "Ritornerai" by Bruno Lauzi, which depicts the brand's anticipation for the coming season

Part of the Human Company group, hu openair tells the story of an ecosystem of ten open-air destinations in Italy and Europe. For the Christmas season, the brand is launching the second wave of its "We miss you, we miss hu" awareness campaign.

The heart of the project is the TV advert, based on a creative concept that approaches holidays from a new perspective. It's not just guests who are missing their getaways: in the middle of winter, the people of hu openair want to share their anticipation and excitement for the season to come.

To further expand the narrative for this new broadcast, the advert has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds and two new roles have been introduced: the gardener and the housekeeper are joining the girl in charge of the front office, the lifeguard, the waiter and the entertainer. The protagonists of the advert are the people who work in the hu villages, who continue to carry out their duties even when the facilities are not open. Everyone is looking forward to the day that the facilities come alive once again, filled with the guests' voices and smiles. The story borders on nostalgic, with a sense of optimism for the new season, when employees will welcome returning guests and newcomers.

The soundtrack is a classic piece of Italian music: "Ritornerai" by Bruno Lauzi, in its evocative original version. This song is one of the most distinctive elements of the campaign, making the advert particularly recognisable to the public. The advert is an ode to hu openair's Italian spirit, and also perfectly captures the atmosphere and emotions of the campaign. As preparations are underway, and everything is thoughtfully organised and arranged, the music adds another level of pathos and emotional involvement.

"Authenticity, attention to detail and care for our guests always come first, even before the season starts: we wanted this advert to underline these key elements of our approach to hospitality," explained Valentina Fioravanti, Chief Marketing Officer at Human Company. "At the end of a beautiful season, we decided to return to our communication campaign, less than a year after the first wave, with an even broader media mix. For us, this campaign represents

an important step on the path to strengthen our brand awareness and promote our open-air products, released during a crucial period – January and February – for choosing and planning holidays."

The creative work behind the campaign – which will be broadcast in 30-, 15- and 6-second versions – was handled by Almagreal, an independent creative studio based in Florence.

For the second phase of the campaign, the media mix has been expanded: from 21st December, for two weeks, the advert will be shown in cinemas for the first time via the Cinema Italia circuit.

From 27th December, the advert will be on air on the Rai, Mediaset and LA7 national networks, and for five weeks on the main connected TV services (Mediaset Infinity, Rai and Sky). The video will also be shared digitally with a campaign on Google, YouTube, Meta, TikTok, Spotify, Sky, Bing, premium displays and, for the first time, Netflix.

From the same date and for two weeks, the advert will be broadcast on the video walls in the main stations in Turin, Milan, Florence and Rome.

The digital campaign will also be extended to the Netherlands and Germany, key European markets for hu openair facilities.


Agency: Almagreal
Creative Director: Giulia Reali
Account manager: Giulia Casalino
Copywriter: Debora Ugolini
Art director: Bianca De Magistris
Graphics: Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Director: Marco Missano
DOP: Karim Andreotti
Editor: Marcello Saurino
First assistant director: Marcello Calvesi
Grading: Walter Cavatoi

CDP: Terminal
Executive producer: Luca Callori
Line producer: Filippo Marciano

Photographer: Federica Di Giovanni