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San Vincenzo: new lifeguard tower unveiled along the free strand of Rimigliano

San Vincenzo is once again preparing to enjoy the new bathing season with quality and safety in mind, thanks to the partnership with hu Park Albatros village, a Human Company Group village - the most important Italian-owned company in the open-air industry - which, with a surface area of more than 30 hectares and capacity of up to 7,000 guests, is the area's main open-air facility.

Hu Park Albatros village, like the Group's other facilities, has always been committed to enhancing the area by organising initiatives and events that are open to locals too in order to promote quality and sustainable tourism. For the occasion, along with the Municipality of San Vincenzo, which supports the initiative with its patronage, the village contributed to the construction of the new lifeguard tower, which was positioned on the free coastline of Rimigliano Natural Park, among the beaches of the Costa degli Etruschi, where the Blue Flag flies again this year.

The new lookout station reinforces the municipal plan for the development of the lifeguard service along the coast, to protect the safety of citizens and tourists who use the lengthy San Vincenzo public beach. Furthermore, the location of this watch post contributes to the maintenance of the Blue Flag awarded annually by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to locations that stand out for the excellence of their water, services and coastline cleanliness.

The unveiling of the watch post took place in the afternoon in the presence of the Mayor of San Vincenzo Paolo Riccucci, Cecilia Galligani, Councillor for Tourism, Commerce and Productive Activities, Alessio Landi, Councillor for Public Works, Beach and State Property, and Marco Mainardi, Director of hu Park Albatros village. Also, present was Lieutenant Di Mauro representing the local Harbour Master's Office.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was an opportunity to celebrate the start of the bathing season with citizens and tourists, and to involve all those present in important initiatives to raise awareness and education on environmental protection and beach safety issues, organised by local associations, such as the WWF RNR Padule Orti-Bottagone Oasis and the S.A.U.C.S. Costa Maremmana dog units.

"The installation of a new watch post on that stretch of beach in Rimigliano, right next to hu Park Albatros village", explained the mayor of San Vincenzo, Paolo Riccucci,"represents another important step forward in terms of the safety of all those who come to the beaches of San Vincenzo. This is a very busy area, and this latest post is part of our reinforcement plan to provide support for citizens and tourists who, in the summer months, choose our area to spend their holidays. I would like to thank hu Park Albatros Village and the Human Company Group for their financial contribution and cooperation, which were essential to achieve this important goal".

Marco Mainardi, Director of the facility commented: "hu Park Albatros Village and the Human Company group are truly delighted to have contributed to maintaining the Blue Flag awarded to the San Vincenzo coastline for the 2022 bathing season. We work daily to offer our guests a high quality stay in a location that is valuable from a naturalistic point of view, and the Rimigliano natural park coastline, where the entire event took place, offers its visitors all these characteristics. We would like to thank all the representatives of the institutions and associations in the area who enthusiastically joined us on this day organised to raise awareness among both our guests and citizens on significant issues, such as safety at sea and environmental protection".