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Public presentation of the project "hu Eraclea village" and its environmental impact assessment

Hu Eraclea village will extend over an area of 250 hectares and approximately 150 hectares will be allocated to the Valle Ossi regional and countryside tourist park

The contents of the finalised project “hu Eraclea village” and the relative Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS), were officially presented to the public on Tuesday evening, in the Ca' Manetti council room in Eraclea, with the aim of obtaining Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and authorizations for proceeding with construction work. Speakers at the event included the Mayor of Eraclea Nadia Zanchin, the top executives of Human Company including the Founder and Executive Chairman Claudio Cardini and the CEO Luca Belenghi; the Mayor of Jesolo Christofer De Zotti; the Project Managers of Studio Agriteco Alessandro Vendramini, Roberta Rocco and Loris Lovo; the Founder of Mesa Srl Carlo Pagan and the founding architect of Studio TA Architettura Alberto Torsello.

We are closer than ever to accomplishing the Valle Ossi project. The public presentation held yesterday was a perfect opportunity to present the project in detail and to underline the countless tourist, employment and infrastructural advantages for our community: Eraclea will in fact be able to boast modern and sustainable accommodation facilities that can attract and cater to the needs of a vast public, in a particularly beautiful and historically important setting. This project will increase not only the tourist accommodation facilities, but also employment and will bring an important public benefit to the entire area of Eraclea", according to Nadia Zanchin, Mayor of Eraclea.

And Luca Belenghi, the CEO of Human Company, commented: “Hu Eraclea Village, on which we are getting ready to start the construction work after a long authorisation process, will be the jewel in the crown of our Group: a unique and cutting-edge tourist destination, perfectly integrated with the surrounding area and developed in such a way as to safeguard and enhance its unique features. The project best expresses the vision of Human Company, which has always been highly attentive to the environment and involves the creation of technological systems for the recovery of water and the purification of wastewater, the self-production of green electricity, the construction of buildings in laminated wood and great attention to the care and conservation of the environmental heritage. Human Company strongly believes in this village that, with an investment of more than 170 million euro and the creation of around 600 new jobs, will be one of Europe’s most outstanding resorts and attract quality tourism".


Valle Ossi - Rural Tourist Village is a major project that is fundamental for the relaunch and the redevelopment of the area: spread over a total area of 250 hectares, it will be one of the most important and innovative villages in Europe. The exceptional naturalistic value of the area in which it will be developed, the Ossi Valley - framed between the Mort Lagoon, the Piave river and the Eraclea Mare coast with its pristine beach that extends for 2 kilometres - makes it an ideal and strategic area for the development of a thriving tourist facility. The study of the project, entrusted to the Agriteco, TA Architettura and H&A associated studios of Venice, could therefore only focus on the sustainable development of the area, consisting primarily of the creation and upgrading of major nature areas and a reduced consumption of land.

The new village will be completely integrated into a system of environmental, sporting and recreational services which will contribute to expanding the level of amenities in the entire area: there will be, for example, a system of cycling/pedestrian paths which will extend over 10 kilometres and will allow access to the main attractions of the area such as the beach, the Mort lagoon, the pine forest and the mouth of the Piave river. Part of the existing building stock, including the farm buildings that once stood here, will be completely restored as historical and cultural evidence of the reclamation of the coastal areas. Approximately 150 hectares of the total area will be allocated to the Valle Ossi rural and territorial tourist park, which will maintain the characteristics of the reclaimed land by enhancing the pine forest and the Mort Lagoon and promoting zero-kilometre production of organic farm produce. The accessibility and use of the Mort beach area, which falls within the municipality of Jesolo, will be regulated by a specific agreement between the Veneto Region (Parks and Biodiversity), the municipality of Jesolo, the municipality of Eraclea and Human Company also involving local environmental and naturist associations.

The open air village hu Eraclea Village, spread over 94 hectares and equipped with approximately 3,000 pitches for campers and mobile homes and a vast range of recreational, catering and commercial services, will be built within the area; it will have the capacity to accommodate up to 12,000 visitors per day for a total of 1.2 million admissions per year. when fully operational, approximately 600 direct employees will work there, a unique opportunity for the area. The village will boast a system of multipurpose sports facilities (from volleyball to basketball, tennis, padel and other sports), a large water park of over 9 hectares, with swimming pools and lagoons covering over an area of over 15 thousand square meters and vast areas for use as parkland and sunbathing areas, all of which will be fully integrated into a complete green system and accessible from different points. The areas of the new village will be open to guests and to tourists in the seaside resort, and also to the citizens of Eraclea, who will be welcome to access the structure and use the services available. In order to ensure full environmental sustainability, mobility within the village will be 100% green, with shuttles and small trains for travelling within the village, as well as cycling and pedestrian paths for easy access to the beach, the lagoon, the pine forest and the river mouth.

An articulated parking system will also be created to provide access to the sports facilities, the sea and the pine forest. The approval of the project also brings with it a public benefit of 4 million euro that will be paid for work that is directly assigned by the municipality of Heraclea and for local professional development projects.The project also envisages the transfer into municipal ownership of approximately 16.7 hectares of land along Viale dei Pioppi, where Human Company will also build a cycling path before the bridge leading to the village of Eraclea.

Finally, the project includes the construction of some structures by Human Company for the Municipal Administration of Eraclea such as: four roundabouts in Viale dei Fiori (which will make the intersections and the Eraclea Mare cycle path system safe) scheduled to be built in the autumn of this year, and a public illumination system that will be completed in early 2024. Work is also underway along some parts of the river banks and the Mort lagoon for the hydraulic safety of the entire area (mitigation works pursuant to the General Flood Risk Plan).