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Demolition work are ready to start in the former ENEL power plant

Porto Tolle, 21st January 2022 With the consolidation of the SCIA, the authorisation process that began in June and now marks the start of the demolition phase of the former Enel power plant in Porto Tolle has come to a positive conclusion. In its place will rise Delta Farm, the eco-sustainable tourist village of Human Company, the Florentine group leader in Italy in the open-air sector. The official announcement was made this morning during a press conference organised by the Municipality of Porto Tolle and attended by Mayor Roberto Pizzoli, Regional Councillor Cristiano Corazzari, President of the Po Delta Park Moreno Gasparini, Alberto Marini, Head of Power Plant North at Enel Power Generation Italia, and Human Company Technical Director Mario Raniolo.

Mayor Roberto Pizzoli said: "Today is the first step that marks an historical moment for our territory, the demolition of the former Enel thermoelectric power plant, which has had a fundamental impact on the life of our community, bringing employment and infrastructural, social and economic development to the country over the years. We are moving from an industrial footprint to a strengthening of our natural propensity for tourism, which today sees us as a leading player on the regional and national scene, with the Po Delta area of Veneto increasingly attracting visits and tourists, including local ones, thanks to Human who believe in our territory".

Mario Raniolo, Human Company's technical director, explains: "This is a highly complex project, both in terms of the decommissioning phase and the future development of tourism in the area, and it certainly represents a demanding and highly motivating challenge for all the players involved, from the point of view of giving back to the territory, areas that were previously used to meet the needs of the community. With the decommissioning of the Enel thermoelectric power plant in Polesine Camerini, great attention will have to be paid to the expectations of the municipal administration, the regional administration and ENEL itself, both in terms of quality and sustainability of the work to be carried out, and in terms of employment for the area itself. Human Company, under the leadership of its Executive Chairman Claudio Cardini and its Managing Director Luca Belenghi, has accepted this challenge and is confident that it can fully achieve these two objectives by sharing the technical solutions it will develop with the territory ".