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Porto Tolle: works are due to commence shortly

The construction site for the conversion of the former Enel plant into the Delta Farm tourist village is ready to go.

Works for the construction of Delta Farm, the innovative and sustainable tourist village that will arise from the conversion of the former Enel power plant in Porto Tolle by Human Company,is ready to go. Once all the preparatory activities for the presentation of the project and the preliminary environmental analyzes have been completed, the project enters the heart of the operational phase by simultaneously developing two main activities: the launch of the strategic tourism project proposal of regional interest for the urban transformation of the area, which it will be carried out in collaboration with local institutions, and the demolition and dismantling of the structures of the former power plant that are not functional to the new project with costs borne by Human Company. Covering an area of 110 hectares, 30 of which are intended for woodland, Delta Farm will host several accommodation areas, a multifunctional sports center, with an area for water sports, recreational spaces and experiential paths. The territory will also be the protagonist, thanks to a visitor center for the enhancement of environmental and landscape excellence and one for the development of typical fish and agricultural production, accompanied by a high-level food proposal. By combining biodiversity and local excellence, Delta Farm is destined to become a new reference point for the outdoor sector in Europe and a driving force for the enhancement of the Po Delta from a perspective of circular economy and environmental sustainability. The project was identified through a competition launched by Enel to search for sustainable proposals and entrepreneurs intent on realizing them to reconvert the site, creating new value for the territory, as part of the Futur-e program.