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Human Company Main Partner of HICON 2020

Human Company is the main partner of HICON 2020 (“Hospitality Innovation Conference”), the flagship event in Italy, dedicated to innovation and technology applied to tourism.

Hicon is the first event entirely dedicated to the most advanced technologies in the hotel industry. An event organised by The Data Appeal Company in partnership with Teamwork and the scientific committee of Giancarlo Carniani and Mirko Lalli. The event will take place on Thursday 3rd December 2020, entirely in digital format. Human Company will also host one of the panels within the Hospitality Hall virtual room programme, entitled ‘Outdoor: a data driven approach’, a lecture on the past, present and future use of data as drivers of resilience and development in our industry.

The panel will feature Eugenio Cignolini, Director of Revenue Management HC, Matteo Doveri, of CMO HT&T Consulting, and Luca Zorloni, Business Editor for Wired Italia. Many things have changed in the hospitality sector during 2020. HICON will be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and tourism professionals to exchange ideas on how to exploit the latest and most innovative technologies, develop new ways to promote their businesses, interact with guests, reshape their business strategies, and discuss the current situation and, more importantly, the future of the hospitality industry in Italy and around the world.