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hu openair and FlixBus join forces in the name of accessible tourism

hu openair – the Human Company group brand behind an ecosystem of ten open-air destinations in Italy and Europe – has partnered with FlixBus, a global transport operator in tech mobility, in order to help tourists discover the wonders of different areas of Italy. These two companies were brought together by their shared values and goals. On one hand, the hu openair facilities offer a person-centred approach to hospitality, always putting guests first and enriching every stay or holiday with offers and services tailored to their needs and desires. In this sense, the brand sees itself as a creator of experiences both inside and outside the villages, opening up a whole world for guests to explore beyond their accommodation. Furthermore, by breathing new life into their surroundings, each facility creates value and new opportunities.

On the other hand, FlixBus, with its expansive network of routes to over 5,500 destinations in 42 countries, plays an important social role, allowing travellers to reach places that are cut off from rapid transit and to find hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered. Under the agreement, guests of hu openair facilities can benefit from a 10% discount on ticket bookings via the official FlixBus application, including both national and international lines. Additionally, FlixBus travellers will have the opportunity to enjoy a 5 to 10% discount on stays at hu openair villages, depending on their chosen season.

"We are very satisfied with our new collaboration with FlixBus. It has allowed us to pursue our vision: promoting lesser-known destinations, even outside the typical tourist seasons, and making guests' journeys more integrated and accessible," explained Valentina Fioravanti, Chief Marketing Officer at Human Company.

"Our concept of travel is based on showcasing the diversity of our heritage and highlighting all the beautiful shades of our nation while respecting unique local features and specialities. We have partnered with hu openair to pursue this more mindful approach to travel and holidays," noted Andrea Incondi, Managing Director of FlixBus Italia.