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Eraclea: the "valle ossi" urban planning scheme has been launched.

Eraclea village is born: opening scheduled for April 2024

On Wednesday 11 November, the Valle Ossi Urban Planning Scheme in Eraclea Mare was officially launched at the Ca' Manetti Council Chamber. At the speakers' table, besides the Mayor Nadia Zanchin, the Regional Councillor Francesco Calzavara, the top management of the Human Company Group and experts from Agriteco, TA Architettura and H&A for the launch of a project that, as Mayor Zanchin pointed out, "represents an extraordinary opportunity for our area, also in terms of employment".

An idea that started a long time ago and that is now becoming a reality through a number of key factors, first and foremost its low environmental impact.

Eraclea Village has a tourist attraction potential of around 1.2 million visitors per year and an estimated direct employment capacity of 600 people. The new village will be fully integrated into a system of environmental, sporting and recreational services that will contribute to increasing the level of facilities in the whole area. The existing building heritage will be completely recovered as historical and cultural evidence of the reclamation system of the coastal areas.

There will be about 150 hectares of rural and regional tourist parks, which will maintain the characteristics of the landscape of the reclamation area, enhancing the existing pine forest and the Laguna del Mort. The project also includes the construction of a new nautical village serving as a hotel, as well as the construction of an internal dock with a water surface of about 6 hectares. This location will be near the entrance to the marina, which will be confirmed before the entrance to the lock on the Revedoli Canal in the same location already agreed upon with all competent bodies. The area will be equipped with a system of bicycle and pedestrian paths open to the public or under contract for about 10 kilometres, which will allow access to public amenities such as the beach, the Mort lagoon, the pine forest and the mouth of the Piave river.