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From the 5th of March, the new hu Openair Communication Campaign "We miss you, we miss hu" will kick off

At the centre of the campaign is the new ad to the tune of "Ritornerai", which will bring the brand to TV for the first time

After last year's launch, hu openair, the brand of the Human Company group that describes the ecosystem of its ten outdoor facilities in Italy and Europe, returns to advertising with its first TV ad and its 2023 awareness campaign "We miss you, we miss hu." The concept is based on an important change of perspective: it is not only the guest who feels the lack of the holiday but it is hu openair who, waiting to reopen, recounts its sense of suspense and trepidation for the new season that approaches. With the winter now winding down and spring on the way, there is anticipation, there is excitement and there is a certainty: the guests will return. The soundtrack is a historical piece of Italian music: "Ritornerai" [You will return] by Bruno Lauzi, in its evocative original version. A real hymn to the Italian aspect of Human Company, able to also underline the atmospheres and emotions of the campaign. While everything is prepared, arranged and perfected through measured and deeply felt gestures, the music adds a further touch of pathos and emotional involvement. The protagonists of the ad represent the people who work in hu hotels and work as front office staff, lifeguards, waiters and animators, who continue to carry out their tasks even when the hotels are not open. Everyone is waiting with joy and anticipation for the Villages and Campsites in Town to come back to enliven the voices and smiles of the guests in a story that is almost nostalgic, but one that is full of smiles, with the certainty that the season is about to start again, bringing with it both returns and new arrivals. The creativity was curated by the agency Almagreal, the independent creative studio based in Florence that also assisted the Group with the rebranding with the transition from Human to hu openair.

"This awareness campaign represents an important step for us in the process of consolidating the brand with the aim of making it increasingly recognisable, thanks to a distinctive narrative of the open-air concept and our approach to hospitality" comments Valentina Fioravanti, Chief Marketing Officer at Human Company "From the concept of the campaign to the choice of the soundtrack, that sense of Italian feeling that is an integral part of our DNA is conveyed, in addition to the care and love that all our people, for over 40 years, dedicate to hospitality, because the guests - an invisible presence in this commercial - are always at the centre, even when the season has not yet begun."

For two weeks, starting from the 5th of March, the ad will go on air on the national Italian networks Rai and LA7; from 20 March the ad will also be broadcast on radio with Radio Deejay, Radio Capital and Radio Italia and at the videowalls of the main stations in Turin, Milan, Florence and Rome. Also from the 5th of March, for six weeks, the ad will be broadcast digitally with a campaign on Google, Youtube, Meta, Spotify, Sky and premium display. The digital campaign will also be extended to the Netherlands and Germany, European reference markets for hu openair hotels.

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