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The next steps for open air tourism

Promoting open air premium holidays

  • - Six of the biggest players in open-air tourism combine, with the support of FAITA Federcamping, Assitai and Assocamping, to speak up for the open air holiday sector
  • - Exclusive holidays and glamping will be the key terms used to describe a unique experience for guests enjoying contact with nature and a safe and eco-friendly holiday
  • - The lively and rapidly-growing segment pumped more than € 3.3 billion into the Italian economy in 2019

Milan, 14 February 2020 – Open Air Next Step is the project designed to kick-start the Open Air tourism sector in Italy. Launched by six of its major players – Baia Holiday, Club del Sole, CrippaConcept, Human Company, Vacanze col Cuore and Vacanze di Charme – the project aims to promote premium-level open-air holidays as part of one of Italy’s most lively and rapidly-growing sectors, at least in pre-COVID-19 times, with the help of FAITA Federcamping, Assitai and Assocamping. Working on the basis that collaboration is the way forward – now more than ever – the six firms, who specialise in revolutionary open-air tourism products, will push their common strengths such as total comfort in natural settings with top-class facilities. Open Air Next Step, as well as pushing the quality of the open-air sector in its most advanced form, will commit to unity and a 360° focus on the restart post-coronavirus, reminding that the industry is one of Italy’s most important – tourism delivers 13% of the country’s GDP. The project will build on the innovation of the concept of a campsite – first invented over half a century ago – to create more awareness around modern, premium products such as the open-air village and glamping. The real value is in staying in a mobile home or lodge tent, without sacrificing any of the mod cons that you would get in hotels and enjoying the close contact with nature. Glamping represents a naturally beautiful, safe and eco-friendly concept, converting more and more people into a new way of holidaying – as the numbers show.

As Bruna Gallo, Chief Commercial Officer of Human Company explains: “The open-air sector can, by nature, is the perfect response to the desire for a holiday in complete safety, respecting the new distancing rules that living with COVID-19 now requires of us. We can all build a system where we take the opportunity to further evolve and meet the ever growing qualitative and quantitative demand and establish best practices for the whole industry. And that’s why we’re promoting Open Air Next Step – a project which will help re-launch tourism in Italy, adding value to the Italian holiday by building on quality and consciousness