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The Human Company offer is based on fundamental values ​​such as innovation, quality, sustainability, familiarity and relevance of the territory. You can find all these values in our villages or hostels, city campsites or chic country resorts

Human Open Air


From the villages to the family parks, entirely pedestrianised and particularly suitable for families with children, passing from the town campsites, outdoor accommodation facilities to the gates of the Italian art cities, Human Company can create adventures inside and outside its facilities, which can be experienced through all their services and not just as a simple "accommodation".

In a perfect alternation between green areas and stretches of water (from swimming pools to shallow lagoons for children, from play areas to shops, from restaurants to sports facilities), the outdoor facilities are designed to offer every kind of service, yet are nestled in beautiful natural surroundings or in the vicinity of art cities.
In addition to different types of accommodation, including mobile homes and bungalows of different categories and pitches for tents, campers and caravans, Human Company's outdoor facilities boast high quality standards in terms of service and comfort, partly due to direct management by each business.

With the aim of improving the holiday experience year after year, the Group is always creating new areas and services (such as swimming pools, restaurants and shops) and progressively introducing new types of accommodation, the most innovative being the use of recycled materials with low environmental impact for a sustainable and high added value holiday.

In terms of restaurants, the facilities offer a food & beverage package focused on quality and local products, creating synergies with the Central Market experience, focused on the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and raw materials.
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The outdoor facilities, nine in all, are located in Veneto, Tuscany and Lazio (Italy)

  • Jolly Camping in Town, Marghera, VENICE
  • Altomincio Family Park, Valeggio sul Mincio, VERONA
  • Firenze Camping in Town, FLORENCE
  • Norcenni Girasole Village, Figline Valdarno, FLORENCE
  • Park Albatros Village, San Vincenzo, LIVORNO
  • Montescudaio Village, PISA
  • Roma Camping in Town, ROME
  • Fabulous Village, ROME
  • I Pini Family Park, Fiano Romano, ROME

Altomincio Family Park, Garda Lake

Norcenni Girasole Village, Chianti - Tuscany

Park Albatros Village, Tuscan Coast

Montescudaio Village, Tuscan Coast

Fabulous Village, Rome

I Pini Family Park, Rome

Jolly Camping in Town, Venice

Firenze Camping in Town, Florence

Roma Camping in Town, Rome

Food in a Open Air Village

Entertainment in a Open Air Village

ANTS - Activity Nature Training Sense

Greeny Mobile Home - For an eco-friendly, sustainable holiday,

Interior - Greeny Mobile Home - For an eco-friendly, sustainable holiday,

Mobile Home - Open Air Village

Key Facts

8 milion

kilometres travelled on bike

3,2 milion

laughs on the slide

2,8 milion

"welcome back"

530 thousand

books read under the beach umbrella

122 thousand

toasts made with red wine

34 thousand

kg of spaghetti with tomato sauce